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Blogging has been here for sometime now. I know I'm late to the party, but its not because I didn't have enough to say. Its because I had seen a vast number of blogs that simply shouldn't have existed. Now that I think the medium has matured (or I keep stumbling selectively on good quality blogs) I've thought of joining in the fun.

Blogging has been on an upsurge ever since it began. The deterioration of mainstream media and journalism has been fuelling it, i think. The crap that news channels air has reached such levels, that even ridiculing it is not worth the effort. Leading the country back into superstition and myths are news channels with their daily dose of syndicated astrologers, tarot card readers and other such propagators of ignorance. It is ironic that the media are presumably supposed to point in the other direction, towards rationality and knowledge.

And lets go nowhere near the mind-numbing senselessness of hindi soaps. Hindi films fare no better, though, admittedly, there have been several non-formulaic films that have been refreshingly entertaining. But just when you were getting your hopes up that against all odds, you would have an infusion of creativity in films, you have a Shivaji; a leap so terrifyingly long in the wrong direction, that you wonder if all the progress has been wiped out.

They say that people get the rulers they deserve. It seems to me they also get the films they deserve. Films are the most direct form of democracy, if you think about it, where the people get to choose who their heroes and idols are every week. Amitabh and Rajni have been voted into the superstar status by their adoring fans by watching all their films.

I am tempted to bring in the question of how do we define the rather nebulous concept of quality. Is it simply the approval of the masses, as crude and unimaginative as it may be? Is Rajnikant a better actor than some other XYZ just because he is adored by millions? Is something 'good' because it is vindicated by numbers?

Questions for another post, another day, perhaps.. (there's only so much blogging one can do at work!)


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